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Annual Filing Of Company / LLP

Mandatory for Company Compliances

10,000/- + Govt. Fees

Duration :7 - 10 Days

Every Private Limited Company, after its registration has to follow basic mandatory Annual compliance for private Limited as per the Companies Act, 2013. For various events, lot of Company Annual filing is required to be undertaken with Registrar of Companies. Some of the compliances are event based whereas other compliances are periodic. Team of Startup Setup will maintain your company law compliance hassle free at reasonable package.... A team of expert secretarial will maintain fulfill compliance part.Companies annual return consist legal documents that include profit and loss statement, balance sheet, independent auditor report , details of share holding , directors of company. Failure in doing regular ROC Annual Compliances result in late filing fees of Rs. 100 per day. Which also make directors disqualified and removal of company name form ROC MCA Site. Our legal team helps in maintain and doing legal compliances with use of ease of technology and export services. Get your ROC Compliances for Private Limited with us.

Change Of Registered Office/ Name Of Company

Change of Registered office of Company
1,999/- Onwards
Duration : 8 - 10 Days

Change in Name of Company
5,999/- (Inclusive All)
Duration : 10 - 12 Days

Closure Of Company / LLP

Closure of Company
5,999/- + GOVT. Fees
Duration : 5 - 7 Days

Closure of Limited Liability Partnership
6,999/- Onwards
Duration : 10 - 12 Days

Appointment / Resignation Of Director

Appointment of Director

2,999/- + GOVT. Fees

Duration : 1 - 3 Days

Resignation of Director

2,999/- + GOVT. Fees

Duration : 1 - 3 Days

Directors are key persons who manages the company. They are management of company who looks after operations and administration. The Change in Director of Company happened due to resignation of director or appointment of director. Appointment or removal of directors is done through shareholder of company. Minimum two director are required under Private Limited company and Three under Public Limited Company. ...Companies Act does not required any mandatory educational capabilities to appoint or remove director. Article recommends procedure for change Director of company.Only Individual can be appointed as director in company , Company must have one resident director. We can help in necessary legal filing to add or remove a director from company.
Basis pre requirement to add a Director is Digital Signature. Once Digital signature is done, legal filing can be done to MCA for issuing Director Identification Number for Proposed director. With DIN number Proposed director can be added in company with consent of shareholders. Before removal of director from company its important to note that company have minimum two directors.
Key Points Change in Director
• Individual Person Can be appointed as Director
• Every Director must have Valid Director Identification Number DIN
• The Director must have minimum age 18 years
• Inform ROC within 30 days for change in director